Hi, I'm Tricia.

Lifelong learner

I'm a lifelong learner. That means I'm learning my entire life. Right now I'm in college and studying the behavioral sciences, psychology and neuroscience, but besides that I'm learning several languages, coding, and about spirituality/witchcraft.

Content creator

I'm a podcaster and blogger. That's the main content I create. But sometimes I also create Youtube videos since I enjoy filmmaking.


I'm a writer and poet. I'm published in Sweden. And right now I'm working on my first two English books as well; one collection of poetry and one collection of personal essays. I'm also a creative writer and working on two Swedish novels, one lGBTQ-novel and one fantasy-novel.


My name is Tricia Joy and I'm a 29 years old writer and artist from Sweden. I have always been interested in graphic design, coding, photography and the arts, but also music and audio production. So today I have two podcasts, one blog and a digital downloads shop (which also includes my spiritual services).I also write books and have my own publication "Tales of Tricia Joy".